Outdoor Advertising

The original “un-missable” iconic advertising medium, Outdoor Advertising (also known as OOH advertising) can be anything from unipoles, branded buildings to buses and POS displays. Outdoor advertising is not only still an effective medium to reach people; it is one of the most effective mediums.

While virtually all media channels are losing out to digital, outdoor advertising has remained stable and is even growing in many markets. But why is that so?

  1. OOH remains a mass reach medium, reaching at least half of all consumers in most markets and as much as 90% in some.
  2. OOH is becoming technologically advanced, allowing for sophisticated measurement using eye tracking, GPS and WIFI. Unlike most other media which provide only viewable impressions, the best OOH audience measurement delivers actual viewed impressions. While the GCC region is lagging behind markets such as Great Britain, Germany and the US, we are seeing rapid advancements in what OOH advertising can bring in terms of measurement.
  3. OOH plays a natural and accepted role in the urban landscape and therefore it is part of consumers’ daily lives. Its physical presence in the real world means it cannot be blocked like online ads can.
  4. Premium OOH placements in the Gulf are uncluttered, allowing for higher impact.

The outdoor advertising landscape in Kuwait, Qatar and the broader Gulf region is ripe with opportunities. At the same time, the diverse populations in these countries make it a complex market to operate in. We are Dotspace have the experience and relationships with key OOH providers needed to navigate your brand to success.


Outdoor Advertising Services

  • OOH planning & audience segmentation
  • Booking of unipoles, mupi’s, buses, digital billboards and more