e.gov.kw Campaign - Central Agency For IT

The Central Agency for Information Technology developed the, حياcom mobile application and website that served as a portal for governmental e-services. The objective of the application was threefold:
Introduce the government portal
Increase the level of trust in online technology amongst the general public
Encourage people to use e-services

The main message is encompassed in the application's name, 'Hayakum / حياكم', which is Kuwaiti Arabic for 'You are all welcome'. The logo innovatively takes a bilingual form in a way that strikes familiarity with both English and Arabic speakers. The 'com' in the logo resembles .com while simultaneously spelling out the second half of the Arabic word. Supported by a budget of KD 1.2 million, the campaign took form in print, digital, outdoor and BTL media over a one-year period.

The first week the campaign resulted in a 2,524% and 33% increase in iOS and Android device downloads of comحيا, respectively, compared to the previous seven days. It was ranked #1 in top 10 apps list in both iOS and Google Play.

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