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Established in 2011, Dotspace works with leading brands across the GCC and MENA regions to build memorable connections with their audiences. Rejecting the "online" vs. "offline" paradigm, we take a cross-channel approach that harnesses the power of our specialized divisions in an integrated way.

We call it connecting the Dots.

Born out of Digital

We know what it takes to thrive in a disruptive, mobile and fast-changing environment


Reaching the right audience with the right message is second nature to us

Obsessed with creativity
We live outside of the box to develop brilliant ideas, content and brand experiences


Strategy-driven, we are focused on supporting our clients' business goals over the long-term

We Listen

You are the true expert of your business and we need your insight in order to properly understand your goals or problems.

We Collaborate

Every Dotspace solution is born out of close collaboration. Encompassing Research, Strategy, Development and Execution, we strive to deliver results that enhance your bottom line in a measureable way.

We Refine

Our job doesn't end with delivery. Every campaign is monitored and improved-upon using a combination of web analytics and local information.

The advertising marketplace has changed more in the previous five years than it did in the three decades preceding it. Fundamental changes in how media is consumed have created a need to reinvent the marketing approach. At Dotspace, we pride ourselves in having embraced these changes from the onset of our establishment.

Inass Abdul Aziz - Inass Abdul Aziz, CEO


Google Premier Partner

The First & Only

Premier Google Partner in Kuwait

MENA Region

Actively catering to

the MENA region

30 +


8.2 Billion +

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Dotspace works with leading brands across the GCC and MENA regions to build connections with their audiences.


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Kuwait City, Kuwait.
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